White Paper:

RISK-SHARING CONTRACTS: How Providers are Successfully Managing and Adjusting Risk

Risk-Sharing Contracts Health Fidelity.png

Key Takeaways:

  • Risk adjustment barriers often coincide with barriers to care
  • A good risk adjustment strategy supports population health
  • Adoption of risk and associated workflows support clinical documentation and vice versa
  • Supporting care initiatives after adopting risk with a strong, reliable ROI


Opportunities, New Challenges, and the Lessons of Success


The move toward value-based care – and, therefore, risk sharing among provider and payer organizations – continues to gain steam. As such, more provider organizations than ever before are participating in risk sharing contracts, but success hinges on their ability to manage and adjust risk.

Risk is often seen as an administrative element of healthcare, separate from clinical work. However, recognizing risk as the pebble in the shoe of an organization on a journey to provide care long into the future is a critical step. This white paper, using real world examples, shows how prudently managing risk supports clinical care through a well-deployed risk adjustment strategy both organizationally and financially.

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