Webinar Recording: UPMC Successfully Extends Risk Adjustment to Medicaid via Provider Risk Capture


with Dr. Adele Towers, MPH and Davlyn Naumann of UPMC


With COVID-19 jobless claims exceeding 62 million Americans, Medicaid enrollment is expected to swell in the coming year. Both payers and providers must prepare now for the coming shift in their revenue mix as commercial membership declines. Risk adjustment, a process for fully representing the risk in a covered population, is often ignored or de-prioritized in Medicaid business lines given the zero-sum nature of reimbursements.

In this webinar, see how UPMC overcame the complexities of adjusting for Medicaid risk with a provider-focused capture strategy powered by Lumanent at point-of-care and post-encounter, while improving compliance and performance measures.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how COVID-19 is affecting enrollment patterns and increasing the demand for Medicaid coverage.
  • See how UPMC leveraged Lumanent technology to help the care team drive documentation gap closure and deliver value without disrupting their existing patient-centered workflow.
  • Uncover the lessons learned, outcomes attained, and roadmap utilized for implementing a successful Medicaid risk capture program alongside adjacent at-risk populations.
  • Learn how much of a direct financial impact effective risk adjustment has even in a budget-neutral program like Medicaid.

View the Webinar Recording

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