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Leveraging a Technology-Enabled Workflow to Optimize Provider Risk Capture After the Patient Encounter

Patient-Centered Risk Capture Workflow

Pre-Encounter: ID ..... During-Encounter: Documentation ..... Post-Encounter: Coding

The challenge in most provider organizations is that they have been set up for success to operate within a fee-for-service model. Many lack the infrastructure, knowledge, and resources to manage requirements in risk-sharing arrangements. 

An effective patient-centered workflow should be established that is supported by appropriate technology, people, and processes where each phase is treated as an important component to establishing a successful risk capture program.

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The Transition to Value-Based Care is a Journey

The post-encounter review workflow is a low-hanging fruit that all risk-bearing organizations should put in place as part of a comprehensive risk capture strategy. It shifts the burden of risk capture away from physicians and distributes it to other members of the care team for a more efficient resource utilization. With the help of technology such as natural language processing (NLP), introduction of a post-encounter risk capture program can be done with minimal resources. A well-established post-encounter review will streamline risk capture process across all populations through a single workflow, making a lasting impact an organization’s ability to be successful in value-based programs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the benefits of implementing the post-encounter workflow to ensure that resources are used efficiently
  • Find out the rationale for starting with a post-encounter workflow
  • Uncover how you are able to get an immediate and significant ROI 
  • Learn how the post-encounter process can become the backbone of an effective risk capture strategy
  • Chart your path forward by adopting our technology-driven workflow

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