Natural Language Processing shouldn't be a mystery.

That's why we're shining a light into the black box.

Clinical suspecting is an exciting next step in applying the use of NLP to unstructured clinical data. It’s a prospective-looking view of potential conditions and treatments based on multiple data sources to surface incomplete and under-documented diagnoses (suspects). In Natural Language Processing in Healthcare: The Clinical and Financial Opportunity of Suspecting, the second part of our NLP eBook series, learn about this compelling, effective use of NLP technology.

How NLP Works

Lumanent Insights ingests data from problem lists, billing data, meds lists, claims, pharmacy, RAPS/EDPS, MAO-004, MOR, and clinical documentation. In every instance, alongside the derivation through rules-based and complex logic, a possible suspect is then measured against MEAT criteria, ranked, and presented to clinicians to deliver care.


How NLP Suspecting Helps

In many ways, NLP suspecting is the chart prep that doctors have never had time to do. Physicians’ notes, pharmacy orders, claims, administrative data, all of this is part of the 80% of data in healthcare regarded as “unstructured.” By parsing that data with NLP technology and delivering suspected undocumented or under-documented conditions to physicians, more necessary care is delivered and more accurate risk profiles are achieved than previously possible.


How NLP Suspecting Supports Provider Goals

Health Fidelity's Lumanent Pre-Encounter Prep is a customized workflow that delivers data-validated clinical suspects to doctors and care managers to ensure a complete and accurate medical record. Equipped with this insight, practices are more effective in managing patient conditions and able to fully realize the revenue of care delivered. 


Lumanent™ Pre-Encounter Prep ensures that a patient’s current conditions are completely and accurately captured before the patient is seen. By delivering clinical suspects through Pre-Encounter Prep, organizational goals like improving risk adjustment factor, empowering clinical care efforts, and standardizing risk capture go from goals to effective parts of your organization’s strategy for success. 

Clinical suspecting through Pre-Encounter Prep is an exciting technology pushing risk adjustment to new levels, supporting payer and provider goals under value-based care. If you’d like to know more, this new eBook is a terrific first step.

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The Clinical and Financial Opportunity of Suspecting

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