The Most Accurate Coding Results

HF360 Compliance is a comprehensive solution that leverages the Health Fidelity platform—powered by NLP, statistical inference, and advanced analyticsto provide insights into potential compliance risk.

HF360 Compliance is designed for risk adjustment professionals (coders, managers, quality assurance, auditors) to streamline CMS/HHS submissions. It identifies diagnoses that lack sufficient evidence in clinical documentation, and presents them to reviewers to approve or create a delete based on available information.

Audit-Ready Results

HF360 Compliance ensures that all submitted diagnoses have sufficient evidence and substantiating clinical documentation as part of the member record for optimal compliance and audit preparedness.


Increased Efficiency

The Health Fidelity platform identifies specific areas with compliance risks for a targeted and streamlined claims data validation. Risk adjustment staff can conduct “two-way” reviews with unprecedented speed and accuracy.


Identify Provider Gaps

Advanced analytics work to identify systemic areas of diagnoses identification gaps and documentation gaps across the provider network, then provide insight and actionable feedback to facilitate continuous improvement.


“As health plans with risk-adjusted lines of business are constantly being asked to do more with less, ensuring utmost compliance across all information sources—providers, vendors, coders—becomes more and more difficult. We're delivering a solution that makes this efficient and nearly effortless.” 

– Health Fidelity CEO Steve Whitehurst

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