Natural Language Processing:

Glimpses into the Future of Unstructured Data Mining

KLAS Research Perception Report - Health Fidelity Excerpt


In April 2016, KLAS Research interviewed academic facilities, large IDNs, and known NLP users to provide an overview of the NLP market, provider strategies, and NLP use cases currently in practice.

Their findings revealed:

  • Numerous use cases for employing NLP technology are emerging
  • NLP to support risk adjustment is growing
  • More advanced users of NLP find more ways to employ it
The complete report is available online from KLAS Research.


NLP to Support Risk Adjustment is Growing

Many providers are looking to NLP engines to help drive population health initiatives by mining unstructured data. Health Fidelity is developing a reputation for having an engine that can go beyond open-source tools to parse text at a deep level.

Health Fidelity NLP Overview

Lumanent Insights is the most advanced healthcare NLP engine in the industry with the longest standing clinical NLP technology, the earliest clinical NLP patents, more than 100 peer-reviewed publications, and over 200 million clinical documents processed.

Download the report to hear how current users rated our solution.

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