White Paper:

Achieving Financial Success in Value-Based Care 

With a Comprehensive Risk Capture Strategy

Patient-Centered Risk Capture Workflow

Pre-Encounter: ID ..... During-Encounter: Documentation ..... Post-Encounter: Coding

The challenge in most provider organizations is that they have been set up for success to operate within a fee-for-service model. Many lack the infrastructure, knowledge, and resources to manage requirements in risk-sharing arrangements. 

An effective patient-centered workflow should be established that is supported by appropriate technology, people, and processes where each phase is treated as an important component to establishing a successful risk capture program.

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The Transition to Value-Based Care is a Journey

Providers are at various stages of maturity in the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care. A key focus area required for success is setting up a comprehensive risk capture strategy, in which organizations need to accurately identify, document, and report the known risk conditions of each patient in order to receive commensurate reimbursements. However, accurate risk capture is no easy feat. Organizations like Mount Sinai Health Partners who use a risk capture maturity model to plan out their improvement path forward are seeing better outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the connection between risk adjustment and financial performance in at-risk contracting models
  • Learn why approaches to "close gaps" that focus exclusively on the point of care will fall short
  • Find out how to build a patient-centered workflow to implement a successful risk capture program 
  • Uncover ways to assess the status quo and develop a performance baseline for measuring success
  • Chart your path forward by adopting our risk maturity model planning framework
  • Strengthen your business case for investing in risk adjustment activities

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