Leveraging Technology in Data Acquisition to Transform the ROI on Risk Adjustment

March 1, 2018 RISE Webinar Recording

Webinar Highlights

Chart retrieval is a major pain point for risk-bearing organizations. Many use record retrieval vendors, but associated costs can be prohibitive and data requests are a common source of provider abrasion. 

Anand Shroff
Join Health Fidelity Founder Anand Shroff as he presents new data acquisition technology that can save healthcare organizations over 80% in retrieval expenses and reduce provider abrasion. 


Estimate Your Savings with HF360 Data Acquisition


Key Takeaways

  • Understand the importance of medical record retrieval for risk-bearing organizations.
  • Learn the downsides of targeted chart retrieval efforts and how technology can correct it.
  • Evaluate manual vs automated methods of record acquisition. 
  • Find out how technology can streamline and automate data acquisition, lowering costs and improving risk adjustment ROI. 
  • See real-life examples of healthcare organizations that have leveraged this technology and how they have benefited. 

Total Duration: 45 minutes

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