Find More – and – Spend Less

With technology and services tailored to meet your needs, HF360 Retrospective Risk Adjustment is a flexible solution suite which includes:

Chart Chase

Chart chase analytics powered by machine learning to continuously improve targeting algorithms and yield better ROI
Chart Retreival

Chart retrieval technology that is customizable to provider office preferences for an increase in chart access with minimal provider abrasion

NLP-assisted coding platform that accurately identifies HCCs, including those commonly missed in manual reviews, plus Coding services for organizations that need additional capacity
HF Submission Icon

Submissions system with 24/7 transparency and control over the submission process, data, and corresponding results
Compliance Icon
.. Compliance and quality assurance protocols fully integrated to ensure audit-ready results

HF360 Retrospective Risk Adjustment delivers unprecedented insights, transparency, and control over the entire risk adjustment process from start to end, delivering optimal results at low cost.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Find more  – NLP-enabled coding accurately identifies HCCs that are commonly missed in manual, human-only reviews
  • Reduce costs  – Our ecosystem of technology and services enables superior results at a lower cost
  • Take control  – A 360° view of risk adjustment provides clear insights that illuminate the improvements required to maximize financial impact and capture additional risk

Ready for More?

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