Ensure Compliance and Better Audit Preparedness


There is growing scrutiny with CMS around overpayments and upcoding. As regulators clamp down on risk adjustment compliance, organizations are looking for an efficient and effective solution to ensure coding accuracy and help remediate any previously submitted errors. Download eBook 8 below to learn three ways you can ensure compliance in your risk adjustment and better prepare for audits. 

Reduce Your Audit Risk

Adopt Strategies to Address Compliance and Audit Challenges

Looking for solutions to protect your organization against possible compliance penalties? The Compliance eBook provides strategies that address the challenges and risks that your organization faces from a regulatory perspective. 

Read more about compliance in this eBook and its role in 360° risk adjustment. 

Add Technology to Your Compliance Process

One of the eBook’s core recommendations is to leverage technology to efficiently manage the compliance process. We recently unveiled HF360 Compliance, a solution that can provide a complete picture of the submissions process, so you can pinpoint potential compliance risks.

Learn How HF360 Compliance Streamlines Submissions.

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Ready To Go Deeper?

Visit our resources library to download other eBooks in the 360° Risk Adjustment series.

Each piece is critical to overall success. Within each corresponding eBook, you'll find our strategic insights for transforming your risk adjustment operations and detailed explanations on how to drive performance improvements.

The framework is divided into 8 core components:


  1. Overview and Blueprint to 360° Risk Adjustment
  2. Organizational Alignment
  3. Data & Performance Management
  4. Prospective Review
  5. Provider Engagement
  6. Data Acquisition
  7. Retrospective Review
  8. Compliance

Download eBook Part 8:


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