Maximize the Value of Your Clinical Data

Poor access to clinical data directly hurts revenue accuracy. Having a scalable and streamlined data acquisition solution that enable risk adjustment and other departments to access the full breath of EHR data from your provider network will benefit the entire organization. Download eBook 6 below to learn the four factors that can impact the value of your clinical data. 

Add the Clinical Lens 

Learn How to Improve Care and Drive Financial Performance

Payer organizations are experts at handling claims data, but most agree that clinical data from medical records should be better leveraged. Clinical data is crucial to perform retrospective reviews and run analytics. But, did you know that the method of access can also impact the value that the data delivers?

Read more about data acquisition in this eBook and its role in 360° risk adjustment. 

Automate Clinical Data Integration

Leveraging clinical data starts with being able to acquire it and access more than just the claims data. ACOs, such as Mount Sinai Health System, partner and share risk with multiple payers. To be successful, they need to be able to obtain structured and unstructured clinical data in an EHR-agnostic way. But, gathering this data can be challenging.

HF360 Data Acquisition can help health plans and healthcare providers acquire and aggregate administrative, financial, and clinical data while lowering medical record retrieval costs.

Learn About HF360 Data Acquisition.

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Ready To Go Deeper?

Visit our resources library to download other eBooks in the 360° Risk Adjustment series.

Each piece is critical to overall success. Within each corresponding eBook, you'll find our strategic insights for transforming your risk adjustment operations and detailed explanations on how to drive performance improvements.

The framework is divided into 8 core components:


  1. Overview and Blueprint to 360° Risk Adjustment
  2. Organizational Alignment
  3. Data & Performance Management
  4. Prospective Review
  5. Provider Engagement
  6. Data Acquisition
  7. Retrospective Review
  8. Compliance

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Data Acquisition 

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