The Risk Adjustment Performance Toolkit is Here.

Whether your organization is just engaging value-based care, on the glide path to downside risk, or ready to optimize every angle, this ebook can offer insight. After reading, you’ll have the understanding you need to start moving forward confidently, supporting patient care and member lives while ensuring appropriate, compliant reimbursement.

Best in Class Performance Metrics

To understand what you can gain, your organization needs to know what to look for and why. The key performance measures included provide focus on what to quantify and watch closely, year-over-year, to better understand organizational strengths and weaknesses. 


The Tools and the Talent

Effective risk adjustment under value-based care requires the right technology that works with your team, not against it. It should empower your experts to do their job at the top of their licenses and qualifications. Read up on how to evaluate current and future partners.

Accordingly, as risk adjustment becomes more necessary to support care and generate revenue, it's critical to not lose sight of your own available human expertise. Even with the best clinically focused NLP on the market, ultimately AI tools don't make decisions. Your care teams and coders do. Learn how to harness that expertise and amplify their impact.


Advancing Your Risk Adjustment Maturity

Risk adjustment has a continuum of process maturity. It begins at zero risk adjustable lives and moves to engaging in up- or down-side models for millions of patients. Regardless of your place on the spectrum, risk capture improvements can be significant, impacting financial rewards and establishing a foundation on which to build future care initiatives. 

Set, Meet, and Understand your Goals 

Risk Adjustment Performance Benchmarks

Risk adjustment can be a moving target. Regional variations, population funding differences, even public health challenges like pandemics can disrupt goals. That’s why we unpack the metrics you need to watch, include different targets for each, and explain how they all relate to each other and the big picture.

Download the Risk Adjustment Performance Optimization eBook 

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