360° Risk Adjustment Webinar Recording

A Strategy for Success in the Value-Based Care Era

360-Degree Risk Adjustment Infographic

360° Risk Adjustment

The comprehensive set of ongoing activities which project, detect, and capture all available member risk, and thereby risk-adjusted payments, to cover healthcare expenditures for a member population.

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Webinar Highlights

Anand Shroff

Join Anand Shroff, Health Fidelity CDO and Co-Founder, as he relays the experience of three clients who successfully adopted the 360° view methodology to overcome financial, compliance, and capacity challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover a fundamentally new way to perform risk adjustment that considers optimization from all angles, including how to:
    • modernize technology
    • enhance provider collaboration
    • integrate across multiple departments
    • transform risk adjustment into a strategic lever
    • obtain performance control and transparency
    • evaluate risk adjustment vendors and partners
  • Learn about the 8 components of the 360° Risk Adjustment framework
  • Determine different approaches for adopting the methodology from entry-level to full immersion programs 
  • Uncover how to assess the status quo and develop a performance baseline for measuring success

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