"By leveraging the Health Fidelity platform to acquire data from Epic, we achieved an amazing ROI while minimizing the effort on our IT resources and bypassing the normally painful process of extracting provider notes out of our EMRs via classic ETL tools." 

- Mike Berger, Vice President, Population Health Informatics and Data Science, Mount Sinai Health Partners

Maximize Your Medical Record Retrieval 

With HF360 Data Acquisition, health plans and healthcare providers can dramatically lower the cost of medical record retrieval. In addition to acquiring administrative, financial and clinical data, HF360 Data Acquisition is also able to provide:   


HF_Member Roster.png

Real-time visibility into the data acquisition progress that shows how many medical records have been targeted and retrieved

HF_Remote EHR (1).png

Centralized data storage that enables the creation of comprehensive, longitudinal member profiles that can span multiple years, allowing for the most accurate patient views and analytical insights

HF_HF Data Warehouse.png

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for printed, scanned and faxed documents

HF_Coding Platform.png

Ability to easily export retrieved records for use in multiple functions such as risk adjustment and quality/HEDIS

Automate Data Acquisition 

Leverage the HF360 Data Acquisition platform for acquiring and aggregating patient data  

The HF360 Data Acquisition platform can be used to acquire administrative, financial, and clinical data. It can acquire both structured and unstructured clinical data in an EHR-agnostic manner, dramatically lowering the cost of medical record retrieval. It enables comprehensive collection of patient data, including administrative and financial data (e.g., claims, CMS/HHS files, enrollment, eligibility) as well as clinical data (e.g., clinician narratives in medical records, lab results, vital signs). 

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